Moōn Sheep sculpture’

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Playful tableware objects that invite you to create a different dining experience.

Moōn is designed as a landscape on your table, made up of objects that will change the way you look at dining. The objects are made of wood, glass, and ceramics. The shapes, colours, and textures invite you to let go of your boundaries and play with the food and the table setting.  

This project was designed on the basis of my own experience. I often take the time to create an appealing table setting, regardless of whether I am eating alone or with other people. I carefully choose my tableware; I make it cosy. 

However, I have noticed that, in this busy and rushed world, it can be hard to make time to eat extensively. So, with my project I want to show what tableware can do for our eating pleasure. Because I believe we need to see food as a celebration again, instead of a necessity.

Let’s start to enjoy and ‘play with’ our food!

Moōn Sheep sculpture’

Porcelain sculpture. “Sheep” is part of Moōn, a series of tactile tableware based on a futuristic landscape. Available in various colours.

Afmetingen 13 × 11 cm

Abstract, Eten, Kleur, tactiel