Anna Hering

In our community of young artists, we are excited to spotlight Anna Hering, a painter whose journey is as dynamic as her art. Today, Anna is known for her organically flowing, emotion-filled paintings. However, her artistic path has seen a evolution from precision to expressive freedom, a journey that is reflecting her creative spirit.

As a young artist, Anna started exploring art through imitation. She had an eye for detail and a passion for reproducing what she saw with as much accuracy as possible. In this phase of her artistic development she developed the skills and discipline for her practice. What started as imitation has become a journey of self-discovery and artistic liberation.

The lockdown was the turning point for Anna. Slowness and loneliness brought liberation from the constraints of precision and she began embracing a more spontaneous, intuitive approach to painting. What emerged were canvases that were reflections of her inner landscape – vibrant, fluid, and emotional.

In Anna’s current work, colors transcend their visual appeal; they are the language through which she communicates emotions, scenarios, and stories. Her paintings flow organically, guided by her emotional and creative impulses. This transformation is not just in her technique but in her perception of what art can be – a medium for honest and unbounded expression.

As Anna joins BEP-art, she brings with her a rich tapestry of experiences and a unique artistic voice. We invite our community to explore her collection, to be inspired to reflect your own journeys of artistic exploration. We are happy to announce she will be our first artist visible on our new website:!