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We make it easy to sell your work to a community of art lovers and collectors. When you sell an artwork, you will receive % of all profits. BEP-art handles the shipping logistics, and collectors pay for the cost of shipping, so you only have to worry about covering the costs of packaging materials. We offer secure payments by check, wire transfer or PayPal. Our support specialists ensure our artists and collectors are financially protected on every sale. Get handpicked by our curators for recommendation to a wide range of clients, from designers to architects to emerging and seasoned collectors.

Upload je werk

There is no limit to the number of artworks you can upload. We invite you to post and sell as many of your artworks as you’d like! Just so long as your image file size is 1500W X 1200W pixels or larger, and in the color format of RGB, your file will be accepted to upload.

Verpakken en Vesturen

1.   You’ll receive an email informing you of the sale. You’ll also receive information regarding the next steps you’ll need to take in order for us to successfully deliver the artwork to the collector. These steps include:

  • Scheduling a date and time for our courier to pick up your sold artwork. (Courier pick up should occur within 2 – 3 days of when the collector purchased the work.)

NOTE: It’s very important that you immediately schedule a courier pick up date and time after being notified that your artwork has sold.

2.  If 48 hours pass and you haven’t scheduled a pick up date, you’ll receive a phone call and email our Artist Team.

3.  Within two days before your pickup date, you’ll receive an email from us to inform you that your shipping documents are now available to print. Be on the look out for our emails, in some cases, you may receive your shipping label via email from our Artist Support Team.

4.  A courier service will arrive on the date you requested to collect your package and the shipping documents. Please make sure to hand all labels and shipping documents over to the courier.

Additional information regarding artwork packaging, pick up, and delivery:

  • All original artworks are shipped to the collector directly from the artist’s location.
  • Shipping costs are paid for by the collector at the time the artwork is purchased.
  • You, the artist, will be responsible for packaging your artwork for shipment, as well as for all packaging costs.
  • You must include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package with your artwork. BEP-art will provide you the template to use. Continue reading below for more information on that.

5. Next, your artwork will be picked up and delivered to the collector. Please note that the transit time can vary depending on the location of your customer. You’ll see your shipment’s tracking number on the label that is provided to you. You can follow along using that tracking number on the carrier’s website directly (i.e. FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)

It’s important to note that if shipping internationally, there may be custom delays. This is not unusual and should not cause you any panic. Our trusted Artist and Customer Support Team is monitoring the progress of your artwork until it reaches it’s safe delivery to your customer. We’ll be updating your customer all along the way.

6. After seven (7) days from the date of delivery to your customer, your payment will be available. At the end of the 7th day (PST), we’ll send you an email notification to let you know that your funds are ready for payout. To request payout, please log into your BEP-art account and go to your Sales Dashboard. Here, you can request payment via PayPal (note that BEP-art artists are not charged processing fees when requesting payment through Paypal), bank wire, or check by post.


BEP-art handles the shipping logistics, and collectors pay for the cost of shipping, so you only have to worry about covering the costs of packaging materials. We offer secure payments using a third party software as our Payout Manager. For more information on all things pertaining to how our payments for the artists work, please continue reading below.



Once you’ve set up your account within Hyperwallet, you’ll be prompted to set up your transfer method. During this process, you’ll establish your currency and your country of transfer request. Once you’ve indicated that, your payment options will appear (Bank Wire, ACH, Check, PayPal). Note that if your bank has an ACH option, wire transfers will not be available.



If you sell an original work, BEP-art will receive a  commission on the final sale price. If a promotional discount code is offered, the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork and the  commission split will then be calculated. (See below for more information on Promotional Discounts)

For open edition prints, artists are entitled to % of the profit on each sale. Profit is calculated from the final sale price minus the costs of production.

If you sell a Limited Edition Print through Limited by BEP-art, artists are entitled to % of the profit on each sale.  


If a discount has been applied to your sale, it’s because the collector redeemed a special promotional discount while purchasing your work. On occasion, we offer promotional discounts as an incentive for new and returning collectors to explore the constantly changing selection of artwork on our site. We find that offering promotions from time to time allows artists to gain the attention of collectors previously unaware of their work and a better chance to make future sales. 

If you sell an original work, BEP-art will receive a % commission on the final sale price. If a promotional discount code is offered, the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork and the usual split will then be calculated. 

It is worth remembering that BEP-art’s commission is %, whereas the gallery standard is %. This means that very often (even with a discount) you will be earning more through your sales with BEP-art than if you were to sell through another gallery that takes % commission.

It is also important to note that during your initial sign up, you agreed to this condition (included in our official statement of terms and conditions).

BEP-art reserves the right to promote and market Original Works of Art and/or Digital Works through the use of sales and/or discounts. The sale or discount amount will apply to the listing price of Original Works of Art and/or Printed Works relating to the Digital Works. After the discount code is deducted from the sales price, our usual commission of % will be applied.

Branding en Marketing

Many artists ask if we have any tips for how they can achieve success on BEP-art — and we certainly do! We encourage you to read and follow all of the helpful tips below to maximize your chances of making successful sales and getting featured on the site.

Verkoop Checklist

1. Schedule your courier pick up

Once you’ve made a sale, you will receive an email that will announce the sale of your artwork (congrats!), and will ask for you to schedule a pick up date. This is when the courier will come to take your packaged artwork, usually 2-3 days after the collector has purchased the work. It is very important that you schedule a pickup date immediately — if you do not respond within 24 hours, you will receive an email and phone call from our Artist Support Team. 


2. Package your artwork and print your shipping labels.

You’ve scheduled your pickup date? Great. In preparation for your courier’s arrival, you’ll package your artwork in accordance with the BEP-art Packing Guidelines.

Two days before the pickup date, you’ll receive an email reminder to go to your Sales Dashboard and print your shipping documents. In some cases, the Artist Support Team will directly email your shipping label.


3. Tracking the delivery

Once your courier arrives for your scheduled pickup, they’ll take your artwork and off it goes to be delivered to the collector. Please be patient! You can watch your own tracking progress on your courier’s site. Simply copy the tracking number from your shipping label and use your specified courier’s website to follow along your tracking. Please note that when shipping internationally, there may be holds during customs inspections. These holds are perfectly normal. Our Support team is in close contact with the collector, providing them with assistance and instructions all along the way until safe delivery.


4. Delivery to the collector

Your artwork will be safely delivered to your customer. Success! In the rare cases that a complication occurs, the Artist Support Team will be in touch as they are following the delivery every step of the way. 


5. Time to get paid!

After 7 days from the date of delivery, you can go to the Sales Dashboard and request a payout!